Sunday, April 30, 2017

Restaurant Review - Villa Casa, Pimpri

Ambiance - ***
Menu - **1/2
Taste - **1/2
Service/Price - ***1/2
Overall - ***

Villa Casa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
This place was on my list of restaurants to visit ever since they started building it. It looked interesting from the outside with a nice name and so I was excited about the place and the food. Finally got a chance to visit it.

So the ambiance is good. Outdoors and indoors. However, there were a lot of mosquitoes even inside. They of course very kindly put mosquito coils to help us. The tables and chairs have various things written on them but I am not sure how it goes with the theme of the place. In fact I am not sure what the theme of the restaurant is frankly. The name is villa casa, and the menu has everything in the world. No specialization as I had expected. The menu card starts with photos of Monolisa and Colosseum etc. in 3 left side pages with menu on the right. You start thinking that it's an Italian themed menu. But after 3 pages, it's lost. there's only menu after that. And even that menu is a mess. Some cuisine starts and then we move to a different cuisine and then again come back to the same cuisine. No idea what is going on. and that leads me think, that if they haven't put thought into their menu (which is the most important part of a restaurant? to decide what they're gonna serve?) then what's the point?

The taste of stuff that we ordered was ok. No great shakes. Also they kept bringing one dish at a time and we couldn't eat together. The price was ok. There were issues with the credit card machine which is ok - these things are teething issues. Service was definitely good. There were a lot of people waiting on us since there was no one else there :)