Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tips & Tricks - 20 tips for a better time in kitchen

Everyone who cooks faces these issues regularly. Here are some tips for a better time in the kitchen -

  1. When making dough for bajra or jowar bhakri, make it using warm water and cover it for sometime after the dough is ready. This will reduce breakage while making bhakri
  2. While making ghee or clarified butter, make it in a non-stick pan. It's doesn't stick at all and gets cleaned easily
  3. Apply a little lemon juice to apple slices. This will prevent them from becoming red
  4. While boiling potatoes, put a little turmeric powder in the water. They will boil quickly
  5. Put neem leaves in rice or any grains that are stored. It will reduce formation of larvae
  6. Before cooking spinach, if it is cut using a grinder, the green color will stay
  7. While making laddoo or similar sweets, use milk instead of water while making the sugar syrup. Tastes better
  8. When you're making curd from warm milk, if you immerse and move around alum inside the mix for a few seconds. Curd will become thicker
  9. Store dry coconut pieces inside toor dal. Coconut will not spoil
  10. While roasting brinjals for making bharta, apply a little cooking oil all over it and also make a few holes using a knife. They will roast better and steam will also nto get trapped inside
  11. Soak rice in water for sometime before cooking. The grains will remain separate and also become bigger. Also, put a little oil in the pan for this
  12. Mix peanuts with wet hands before roasting. They will roast better
  13. To remove lemon juice stains, rub ginger on it
  14. While making bhendi (okra), put a few teaspoons of curd in it. It won't become sticky
  15. Put a little lemon juice in sugar syrup so the sugar doesn't crystalize again
  16. Soak lemon in warm water for a few minutes, you will get more juice out of it
  17. Grind rock salt in the grinder every month. Helps keep the blades sharp
  18. Put a little boric powder in the corners of the kitchen to keep cockroaches away
  19. If your hand is smelling of onions or fish, rub besan (chick pea flour) on it and wash. Smell will go away
  20. Carrot, Tomoto, Cucumber, Radish, beet etc. become stale and soft after a few days. Soak them in salt water overnight. They will become fresh again

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