Thursday, January 28, 2016

Restaurant Review - Jovos - NIBM Road

Ambiance - 3
Menu - 3.5
Taste - 4.5
Service/Price - 4.5
Overall - 4

Wanted to try a new place for lunch on my birthday. After looking around on Zomato, decided to go to Jovos as it had good ratings and the menu looked interesting. It's on NIBM road in Bizz Bay mall. The mall itself looks deserted, and there were 2-3 restaurants there that have shutdown. When you get into Jovos, that's the kind of feeling you get initially. The pic on Zomato and the reality of the decor/interiors is very different. Some things are falling apart some have been intentionally kept that way - which is not bad. Some interesting ideas in terms of decoration are being tried but some look very tacky. But at least they're trying something different, which is good. The way the menu is presented or the fact that they put bubble wrap in place of table mats, are some of the things I liked about the place. It's different. But need to make it better. more classy.

The menu is not too big. But that also makes it possible for them to have things that are different from the usual run of the mill dishes. Most of the dishes that they serve are named differently, made differently and served differently. We tried quite a few dishes including Chicken Tikka in mason jar, Chicken fingers in orange sauce, Dal gosht, etc. Each of them tasted quite well. The tikka was juicy, dal gosht was perfectly cooked, and the orange sauce was just stunning. We also had a bite sized chicken cheese fries that was not on the menu. That was also very good. Loved all including the long island iced tea that was served in a huge measuring jar :)

Service was good. Everything was served well within time and everyone was very courteous. No one breathing down our neck with "over concern". Price is very reasonable. 

Definitely try this place out. Forget about everything else, just enjoy the taste.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Restaurant review - Global Grill, Chinchwad

Ambiance - 3
Menu - 3
Taste - 3
Service/Price - 3.5
Overall - 3

Global Grill is by the same management as Sigree. I didn't know it until I got here. It's located in a shopping mall at Chinchwad. Not sure how many people go to the mall, but that also means there's usually enough parking space available. 

The decor of the place is good. Not cluttered and the tables are also not too close to each other. So overall it's fine, However, unfortunately, the washrooms stink. STINK. I usually don't comment about washrooms in my reviews, but this one merited a mention - for the wrong reasons.

Menu here is nothing impressive. The usual stuff. They serve unlimited starters on the grill on your table until you ask them to stop. The starter options were very limited. Tasted alright. Since this place is in direct competition with Barbecue nation, I can't help but mention that the starters (which is the most important course in these restaurants) are better at BN compared to this place, both in terms of options and taste. The main course was ok as well. If you're a pasta lover there are a few options available in main course. Desserts were alright too. Nothing much to write about. One thing that I should definitely mention - Lychee flavored cocktail (Margarita? Not sure since it's not listed in the menu on Zomato) was amazing! and quite potent as well I must say.

Service was fine, no real complaints there. Price was decent as well, though I would like it to be slightly lesser.

So this is it. Give it a try and hope they have improved by then.

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