Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review - Bademiya's, Fort, Mumbai

Bademiya's restaurant

Location - Fort, Mumbai.

Ambiance - ***
Menu options - ***
Taste - ****
Service - ****
Price - ***

Overall - ***1/2

Bademiyan's restaurant is located near Horniman circle in Fort area of South Mumbai. It is owned by the same guys who had been running the famous Bademiyan's kebab joint near Gateway of India for years.

The ambiance of the restaurant is ok. It's a two level restaurant with tables that are quite tightly packed. There's nothing different about the ambiance than any other regular restaurant.

We had lunch there on a working day. It's quite crowded at that time of the day. But the service is still quite ok. The meny options are a mix of Parsi and Indian food. All of the non-vegetarian dishes are quite good. Esp the Mutton Baida roti and Bheja fry. They also have a lot of types of kebabs which are quite good. Vegetarian dishes are limited.

The desserts are ok. Pineapple halwa is good. The bill was around 1000 INR for 3 people.

Overall it was a decent experience. A little classier interiors would probably increase the stars for me. However, I believe the restaurant does brisk business as it is anyway :)

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