Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lonavla/Khandala restaurants

It's been more than a month since I posted a recipe, but circumstances didn't allow. Now I am back, though this post is more about the restaurants in Lonavla/Khandala. I have been to quite a few places there, but I am just giving my views about a few of them -
  1. Lagoona Resort - This is a costly place. For no reason. It's not at all worth the moolah. The selection of items in dinner and breakfast is limited and the taste is not good either.
  2. Dukes Retreat - This place has a good selection of items in breakfast, though lunch/dinner options are pretty limited. The taste is not consistent. Some dishes were amazing, but some were pathetic. And it is also pretty costly. Not worth the money.
  3. Fariyas Resort - Beautifully decorated interiors of the restaurant. Have an option of dinner buffet or continental dishes. Everything we tasted was good! But the price, almost thrice... thrice of what some costly restaurants charge!
  4. Mirchi - This is a small place when going towards Mumbai from Lonavla town on the old highway. Decent place. Good taste. Pretty cheap. Definitely worth every bit of money spent. Normal Indian food is better than the chinese they offer.
  5. Gavran Tadka - This place is about 5-6 km from Lonavla, on the way to Lohagad. It's in the middle of nowhere and is a very small place. Extremely cheap. Good service. Amazing taste. Easily the best food we had at Lonavla or Khandala
There are many more restaurants there. Might write about them later. Enjoy these till then :)

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