Monday, September 10, 2018

Restaurant review - Masalabar, Balewadi high street

Ambiance - ****1/2
Menu - ****
Food - ***1/2
Service - *****
Overall Rating - ****1/2

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Went to Masalabar on a Thursday afternoon. So there were hardly any people around. The restaurant is at Balewadi high street so parking is usually full. There's ample parking on the road outside but be careful about the no parking signs around.

The restaurant ambience is quite good with some things kind of looking larger than life - but not in your face. The menu, though has a lot of options, is not that long. In fact, the drinks menu is bigger than the food menu. There are many good dishes to try. All the items that we tasted were good except the mutton based rice pot - the mutton was a little chewy to eat. Other than that, all the items were excellent. There are many interesting drinks to try and some of them actually are a treat to "watch" while they are being prepared or final touches are being given at your table. It's fun.

The service at this place was quite good. Yes, there were fewer people there, but still I have been to places where the food takes ages to arrive even in such situations. Here, it was pretty quick. And didn't have the stewards standing over our heads asking if we wanted something else. I like that.

Overall amazing place. A bit costly, but worth the experience

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Restaurant Review - K9 - The coast line - Rahatani

Ambiance - **1/2
Menu - **
Food - 0
Service - *
Overall Rating - 1/2

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So I am not usually this harsh about a restaurant. But this time I gotto be.

There's a bit of parking in front of the restaurant but you can always park on the road alongside.The interior is ok, the lower floor is crowded and cooling is random. So strictly ok. The only attraction is a chariot in front of the restaurant, that is good for taking a pic.

Menu options are limited, expected a lot more. Wine menu is also limited which is fine. But not sure how the orders are interpreted because first a double whiskey was brought when I wanted single and then the wrong brand. We ordered 2 starters and drinks. The drinks came after 15 min and the first starter after 45 min. The second came after 1 hour and 20 min after at least 3-4 reminders.

I would have rated the food for taste, but - this one gotto be zero. a BIG ZERO. they served raw chicken. It was a kebab dish and what they served was raw kebabs. We realised it after taking a couple of bites but by then the damage was already done. My wife, my 4 year old daughter and I - all had an upset tummy the very next morning. My daughter is still recovering.

And the reason given - there's crowd today.

If you want all of this - please go for it. Just ensure you have health insurance.