Thursday, April 7, 2016

Restaurant review - Double Roti - Vimaan Nagar, Pune

Ambiance - ***
Menu - ***1/2
Taste - **1/2
Service/Price - ***1/2
Overall - ***

First thing I should clarify is that I was invited for food tasting at Double Roti, so we had a preset menu. We did order some extra stuff as well though.

The ambiance. The location of the place in the mall makes it difficult to provide a great ambiance. Still, they have tried some interesting stuff like the hanging lights under steel beaters, having a board for drinks menu, a small truck on each table for holding the cutlery, etc. But there's no theme to it so it comes off as a disjointed effort. But then, you might like it. It's more of a cafe than a proper restaurant in terms of looks. It's location in the heart of Vimaan nagar makes parking a little difficult. Lookout for a free spot nearby instead.

Menu is consistent with the name. Almost full of bread related items. Burgers, sandwiches, pizzas. There are a few other items too but very few. I liked the menu for consistency and having quite a few options in that area. But it just becomes too much of bread after a while. It's huge too! They don't have alcohol serving license yet. They're expecting it soon. They serve stuff in .. different dishes. Steel pan, glass jar, milk bottles, muffin tray, etc. But this trend is becoming all too common nowadays.

We had quite a few mocktails, starters and main course dishes - 

  • Masala lemonade - very basic, but good
  • Cold coffee - Good
  • Madras cold coffee (with filter coffee) - couldn't get it right after 3 attempts. I should say, couldn't get it to our liking. Either was too watery or didn't have the right taste
  • Peach and passionfruit iced tea - ok
  • Lime mint cooler - alright
  • Nutty affair - like liquid peanut butter. You may like it
  • Oreo o Oreo shake - The best of the lot

  • Chicken chilly and Jalapeno quesadilla - Good
  • Shrimp corns - best starter especially with the tangy sweet sauce
  • Peri peri chicken tenders - ok
  • Chilli potato torpedos - the fried potatoes were McCain chilli potatoes kept on chilly and topped with cheese. Tasted good but then that's McCain. Not Double Roti.
  • Pickle chips - ok
  • Mausi's thecha chilli cheese toasts - needs more flavor. Maybe a different cheese?

  • Beef (carabeef) sandwiches/burgers - were ok. Tasted good. But the beef patty was a little tough
  • Lamb burgers - same story. Tasted ok.
  • Chicken burgers - ok. No great shakes
  • Pizza - thin crust, but kinda bland. Again maybe a different cheese or combination of cheeses might help
  • Fish and chips - basa fish doesn't do it for me. Fries were ok fish was pretty much bland.
  • Waffle - topped with lots of fruit and syrup. That part tasted good, but the waffle itself was a little too dense for my liking

Service was good, price - though I didn't pay - looks to be ok too. No major complaints there. 
Overall, it's worth a try if you want something ... bready... and nothing else.

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