Friday, August 28, 2015

Restaurant Review - BottleRock, Pune

Ambiance - **** 
Menu options - ****
Taste - ***1/2
Service/price - ****

Overall - ****

Zomato meetup is what made me travel from one of the the city to the other end through the city traffic at peak evening time. The destination - BottleRock. Located just across the bridge over the Mumbai Bangalore highway on SusRoad, this place was new to me. From the outside, it wasn't all the appealing though I did find the numerous hanging colourful bottles quite interesting. The same concept is carried inside as well - all the lights over the tables and otherwise are inside bottles of different colours. Is the light enough? well, for the kind of evening you would want to have at this place, yes. Plus, candles are put on the tables to make things look even nicer. I am sure there's a problem with mosquitoes in that area so the fact that they sprayed the place with mosquito repellents just as I was about to enter, was good. It helped. Lot of tables/booths of different sizes are available plus chair seating, sofa seating and Indian style seating gives you the options. The more sophisticated graffiti  that they have painted on the side walls and ceiling looks really good when it shines in ultraviolet light. They could do with a little touch up to some of the worn out furniture - which, by the way, is very comfortable.


We were at the chef's table so we got to try chef's Rajpal Singh's specialties. The cocktails were interesting. Traffic Jam was the flavour of the evening with the Watermelon daiquiri and Tokyo iced tea being the next two in line. The daiquiri was served in half a watermelon, providing that wow factor - though I ended up spilling some and had to opt for a martini glass to finish the rest of it. The iced tea was good but some found it a little too sweet. 

Amazing - that's how I can rate the starters. We had Nacho's chicken, Mountain chilli chicken, Fish & chips, Paneer banjara kebabs & cottage hot pan. All of them were really good. But what took the... chicken... was the Murg Dum kebab. Cooked on dum in an earthen pot like dum biryani, the kebabs were succulent and juicy with the perfect amount of spices. Easily the best dish of the day. Try it the next time you go there.

We were so full with the starters that we had to spend some time just chit chatting to make some space for the main course that was yet to come. Paneer Lasooni, Murg Nawabi, Murg Dum biryani and Fish in ginger oyster sauce were the dishes that we tried. The fish was just amazing. Oyster sauce is always a safe bet with fish in most of the restaurants. But here it exceeded my expectations. filled my tummy with it - whatever space was remaining in there.

Gulab Jamun and Sizzling brownie were the desserts on offer. While the brownie didn't sizzle it for most of us, the gulab jamuns were gobbled up in no time. Was difficult to stand straight with so much food inside, but we did manage to get home - each to their own homes - safe and sound. 

Oh and the rock in bottlerock - it did rock. The selection of rock songs that the DJ played was excellent. Perfect for the kind of evening we had. Definitely worth a visit for a nice, relaxed and foodful evening. I will certainly go there again.

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