Sunday, May 5, 2013

Recipe - Mango pickle

1. Raw Mangoes - 1 kg
2. Small mustard seeds - 2 Tbsp
3. Nigella seeds - 2 Tbsp
4. Fenugreek seeds (Methi dana) - 2Tbsp
5. Chilli powder - 2 Tbsp
6. Tuermeric powder - 1.5 Tbsp
7. Fennel seeds - 2 Tbsp (If you like)
8. Salt - 200 gms
9. Mustard oil (or any edible oil) - 250 gms

1. Wash and cut the raw mongoes in to small pieces. Size can be as big or small as you like
2. Dry them out so there's no water on the pieces
3. Mix all of the ingredients (except oil) with the mango pieces
4. One technique is to keep this mixture in the sun for 2 days so it becomes even more drier but at the same time, the salt melts and the spices release their taste. Do remember to cover with muselin cloth so no dust gets in
5. After 2 days (or immediately if you have not kept the mixture in sun), pour the oil in and mix well again. If you like strong mustard oil taste, then do not heat it. However, if you want a slightly milder taste then warm the oil a little to make it lukewarm and them mix it in the pickle.
6. Store in a glass jar and keep mixing every one or two days. Also ensure that there's at least one centimeter oil on top of the pickle always in the jar. This ensures longer storage.

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